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Looking to be a part of AMDA?

AMDA is a half a semester commitment for those interested in joining. We ask each member to pay $15 for each half semester, which lasts 6 weeks and therefore costs $2.50 a meal. This payment is made at the beginning of each term.

Along with this payment, each member must also commit to jobs within the co-op. As goes the philosophy of a co-op, AMDA is run collectively by its members, so it is the members who get everything done. Each week their are 4 jobs to be filled:

Head Chef– 2 people act as head chef. The head chefs plan the meal for the week and also send out a detailed shopping list to the shoppers. On Friday, they are in charge of getting the meal ready for everyone.

Sous Chef- 2 sous chefs help the head chefs cook on Fridays, usually starting around 4pm, but this can vary depending on what is being served that week and how much preparation/cooking time is necessary. The head chefs communicate this arrival time to the sous chefs.

Shoppers- 2 people, at least one of which must have access to a car, are in charge of buying the food for the weekly meal. They use the shopping list created by the head chef and must have food in the kitchen before the time the chefs start cooking on Friday. The food is stored in the Carr Hall kitchen until Friday. Information on where is best to shop can be found on the side-bar under “Places to shop.”

Clean-up crew- 5 people every week must join the clean-up crew, which is responsible for both set up in Carr Hall (chairs and tables for the number of members who are coming to dinner) and kitchen clean-up (dishes and wiping down counters). We have found in the past that it is helpful if dishes are done both before dinner and after, as it makes the clean-up after dinner much more manageable.

Because there are 6 weeks in each term, we ask that members try to take a job every other week. Sign up for these jobs happens at the beginning of a term (half-semester) so that we know jobs will be filled. If you are scheduled for a job one week and something important comes up, we ask that you find a sub for that week. On the website, sign-up sheets and other information can be found under “co-op planning and information,” which is a google doc that all students at Allegheny have access to. If you are interested in joining AMDA, just visit this document and sign up under “co-op members.”

Questions? Get in contact with Brittany Iafrate (


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