AMDA: A History


Once upon a time,

there was a group of men at a college far, far away. They desired treats and sweets and such with a communal dining environment.

Through bland and gamey food, they quested, meeting adversity in everything they chewed until, lo and behold, they came upon the great ghost of William McKinley’s cow.

“Be free! Have fun! Eat together!” she mooed.

Thus went the inspiration behind the original founding of AMDA, the Allegheny Men’s Dining Association!

Fast forward to the present, and the same AMDA is being rechristened, rebooted, and reenergized by a group of Allegheny third year students.

Under the guise of Allegheny Mustn’t Dine Alone, AMDA is rockin’, sockin’, and lookin’ to thrive for both the immediate and distant future.

And so, the legend begins!

Now let us feast!


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