We are off and running!

We have had two wonderful meals so far, starting off with the free chili and then venturing into Mujadara! We have transitioned into the pay up front method for the meals, so the attendees don’t have to worry about bringing three dollars each time. We took off the training wheels pretty quickly, as I was not able to attend the last dinner, but the whole co-op did fantastically! 

There is still a chance to get involved if you would like! I am doing a rolling admission price, so the cost to pay up front is lessened after every meals. If you would like to join in part way through the semester I just ask that you give us a weeks notice ahead of time. 

Word on the street is the we have vegetarian Sheppard’s Pie on the menu for Friday, so don’t forget to sign up for jobs!


E-Mail me at <iafrateb@allegheny.edu> if you would like to join or have any other questions!


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