Here is a look at our Dining Co-Op!


Look at all those groceries! We were cooking for 40 this night!


This is the first time we were in the lobby, and judging by the full house we were a success!


Just look at that yummy chili!


Sweet action shot of the stir-fry!


A mellow stir-fry shot!


An artful arrangement!


We are off and running!

We have had two wonderful meals so far, starting off with the free chili and then venturing into Mujadara! We have transitioned into the pay up front method for the meals, so the attendees don’t have to worry about bringing three dollars each time. We took off the training wheels pretty quickly, as I was not able to attend the last dinner, but the whole co-op did fantastically! 

There is still a chance to get involved if you would like! I am doing a rolling admission price, so the cost to pay up front is lessened after every meals. If you would like to join in part way through the semester I just ask that you give us a weeks notice ahead of time. 

Word on the street is the we have vegetarian Sheppard’s Pie on the menu for Friday, so don’t forget to sign up for jobs!


E-Mail me at <> if you would like to join or have any other questions!

First Dinner of the Semester

We are starting back up again for the semester! There will be another free chili information event this Friday (February 1st) at 6:30. This is where we will go over future plans for the co-op and how the rest of the semester will go.

We are asking that people who are interested in attending the co-op for the rest of the semester bring $15 to cover food costs up until Spring Break. This will allow us to purchase bulk foods like sugar and flour and help keep the costs low.

If you are interested please RSVP under the Co-Op planning tab and sign up for a job by Wednesday at the absolute latest. If you are interested in joining the co-op but unable to attend the first dinner please e-mail me at!

Join us in this first semester of weekly delicious co-op meals!


Final Dinner of the Semester

We all enjoyed another delicious meal last Friday (butternut squash soup, quinoa and arugula salad with beets and goat cheese, and homemade sourdough bread [thanks to Edible Allegheny!]).


Arugula Salad!

It was exciting to continue meeting new friends and catching up with old ones as the semester comes to a close.  It was also exciting to think ahead to next semester as we discussed the plans for the future of the co-op once we return from a well-needed winter break!  Check out the “Get Involved” and “Co-op Planning and Information” pages for more details!

Good luck with finals and enjoy a restful winder break!  Come back in January refreshed and ready for some awesome home-cooked meals!

Future Co-op Plans!

Fellow co-op members,

Next semester we will continue having weekly meals every Friday at 6:30pm, starting with a FREE introduction meal accompanied by a short job training session in which we will talk about what is involved in each job and how to accomplish them.  At this point, everyone will sign up for their weekly jobs for the first half of the  semester and will pay $15 for their meals (this will cover 6 meals).  Sign ups and money collection for the second half of the semester will be held/collected before Spring Break.  Check out the updated google doc (see the link on the left of the website) for the new set-up!

Get excited!

Lentil Burgers!

Great job team on another successful co-op!  The lentil burgers and homemade buns were delicious!  We had a plethora of food – so don’t forget to bring some leftovers home so you can enjoy the burgers again and again!!!!  Also, don’t forget to sign up for a job for next week’s meal!  Let’s see what other kinds of creative concoctions we can cook up!

Chili and cornbread = YUM!

Our first co-op was super successful   50 people gathered to enjoy homemade chili, bread, cornbread, and apple crisp!  Everyone enjoyed their fill for only $1.30 per person!   Everything (except for the homemade bread) was vegan friendly.  Hopefully everyone enjoyed the meal and is excited for our meal this Friday!

The wonderful people who attended the co-op

The wonderful people who attended the co-op

Delicious Chili

Delicious Chili

All your current co-op information here!

Hey co-op enthusiasts!

AMDA is a dining co-op that meets once every week to cook a  meal together. We meet every Friday at 6:30 pm in Carr Hall. Meals accommodate all diets, whether it be vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or any religious diet such as Halal or Kosher. We are always happy to learn about and embrace new diets. Meals generally cost $2.50 per person.

This page will serve as a resource for all the current information you need to be a part of the AMDA co-op! We will post meals, updates, and sign-ups when necessary. We look forward to seeing you at our weekly Friday meals!